Blade Server Solutions

Today’s data center environment is tougher and complex than ever. Every customer must reduce IT cost, complexity, space requirements, power consumption and heat output and at the same time increasing flexibility, utilization and manageability.

Worth Technology, Indore is a leading system integrator of Madhya Pradesh,India and offers the best in class Blade Solutions from IBM.With Growing demand for virtualization ,server consolidation and HPC based applications, IBM BladeCenter is the right choice to help you manage the massive and growing amounts of data that your systems are creating without adding complexity. BladeCenter’s innovative, open design offers a true alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. Worth Technology has successfully implemented many projects in Indore,Bhopal, Gwalior ,Jabalpur and other places.IBM Blade Solutions Integrate:.

  • Servers, networking, storage, & management
  • An excellent solution to setup high availability for virtual machine based infrastructures
  • Any networking standard from multiple partners
  • End-to-end management
  • Linux®, Unix/AIX®, IBM i and Windows
  • 1-, 2- and 4-socket x86 and POWER processor-based blade servers
  • Multiple workloads on a platform designed for virtualization

  • Simplify:
  • Qualification with scalable, flexible building blocks.
  • Deployment with automated provisioning tools.
  • Management with a single point of control.
  • Networking with Virtual Fabric and FCoE.
  • Complexity with an open platform that fits right into your data center Reduce.
  • Costs with fewer parts to buy and lower operating overhead.
  • Power consumption with a high-efficiency system.
  • Space with high-density blades.
  • Cables with integrated switching.
  • Risk with no single point of failure.
  • Waste with a stable, proven platform that has stood the test of time.