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“BUSH” The Soothing Solution of Mother Nature to handle all problems related to beauty, Skin & Health Care. Tracing its roots down to a number of centuries, this glorious tradition that formulates the mystic combination of herbs without minimal side effects has been the source of beauty of Indian women for centuries. Diverse range of products comprehensively deals with a number of vital aspects for a Healthy Body. Let us have the pleasure of presenting a variety of products for you and your family from This Company to meet all your beauty and health requirement. These company products have been formulated by practitioners of Indian traditional medicine and cosmetology, practicing, since three generations. These products are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
Bush Pharmacos Pvt. Ltd. has modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the very heart of India. This plant is fully equipped with a quality assurance laboratory and practices the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It has a scientifically designed unit, which has the latest pharmaceutical machinery and equipment for manufacturing, packaging and quality control.

In order to assure optimum quality, all the herbal raw material are secured from self cultivation and selected regions, spread all over India. All this is done under direct supervision of the technical experts. we strictly follows the procedures described in the ayurveda texts and this strict adherence to the classical texts has resulted in benefit to millions of patients all over India & abroad. Various testimonials have been given apart from that of the GMP certificate, which further have enhanced the ongoing success of the organization. It is well placed to respond to the health challenges of the new millennium, having a broad product portfolio ranging from research oriented herbal cosmetics, beauty and health products. In order to address the India and International market ,Bush Pharamacos has chosen Worth Technology , Indore , Madhya Pradesh as Web designers and technology partners.