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Failover Clusters

Clusters create the concept of highly available Server and Storage resources. In the event of an unfortunate failure of a server, the applications running on the failed node are seamlessly transferred to other node forming part of the cluster.The user probably does not even know that he has been shifted to some other physical server. This cluster design minimizes the downtime and also creates a high degree of trust between the IT and end users.

We design and implement cluster solutions using IBM’s most reliable servers and storage. Clustering IBM System x and BladeCenter servers can help simplify IT management and reduce costs by increasing availability, optimizing performance, and enabling remote maintenance with an intelligent system design that includes multiple layers of redundancy combined with advanced availability tools.

We support Windows as well as Linux /Unix platform for Clustering applications. With the extensive growth of the Virtualisation platforms like Vmware, we are also fully geared up to Support VMware HA clusters, VMwre fault tolerance based primary and Secondary Virtual machines.