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The need for tracking family members, friends, objects has been existing for last so many years but getting the GPS device operational and available has been a challenge. With the introduction of smartphones equipped with GPS capability, the challenge is no more there and many APPS offering different features have surfaced on the Play Store.

Map2Track is an APP designed to track the location of the subject where the subject can be any product or person equipped with an android based Smartphone. The APP is extremely simple to use. The user after downloading the APP does a sign up process thereby creating a USERID. The password is mailed to the user on the given mail ID so that an automatic verification of the person is also done. The registered user then can login using this ID on any smartphone running this APP and can set the device as a child device for tracking. Just to ensure that the tracking happens with consent only, the APP generates a random code and sends it to the mail ID registered by child.

The tracking can only be initiated after entering this code in the given input box. The child can anytime see the persons who are tracking him just as the person who is tracking can see the child phones being tracked by him. The beauty of the APP is that it stores about a 240* locations of the users and whenever desired the locations can be plotted on the map. If the child closes the APP service accidentally, the parent user can start / stop the service just by sending an SMS to the child phone with text as START for starting and STOP for stopping the service.