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The free APP, ShubhSamay, is a Universal APP (Single Binary)which runs on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 / 4s, iPod touch, iPad2 and iPad 3 having ios version 4.3 and above and Android version 2.3 and above. The APP is part of the Lifestyle Category and runs on the portrait orientation of the IOS or Android based SmartPhone. The APP provides user with the exact info about the auspicious times during the day and night. The commonly known choughadiyas are 8 equal time slots obtained by dividing the sunrise to sunset time length by 8. For the night choughadiya this time length becomes sunset to sunrise time (next day). The good Choughadiyas are Shubh, Laabh, Amrit with Chanchal being neutral. Kaal, Roga and Udwega are normally avoided for auspicious occasions.

The APP Calculates SunRise and SunSet times of current location taking the Longitude and latitude from the phone's GPS function. The DAY and NIGHT tabs of the APP provide the details on the Choughadiya time slots. The unique feature of the APP is that the user can go to the settings TAB and change the date using the Date Picker.

The user also has option to check the Choughadiya for any place in World using the Google MAP features included in the APP. The user can select a place from MAP to get the longitudes and latitudes and then select relevant time zone and DST (DAYLIGHT Saving Time) applicability. Whenever any value is changed using the settings TAB, the user must press the Sunrise TAB so as to recalculate the Choughadiya. To run all the features of the APP fully, Internet connectivity is required and therefore the users might have to pay connectivity charges to their respective ISPs.
App is extremely useful in Day To Day use for finding the Shubh, Laabh, Amrit auspicious times slots for carrying any important activity like buying a vehicle like Car, Motorbike, scooter or buying a house, an electronic utility appliance, doing some religious Pooja, opening and inauguration of any showroom, school, MALL, shop, industry or carrying out any Shubh Activity. Few Minutes errors in calculations are possible because of mathematical functions and rounding.The APP can be downloaded from Playstore