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Sketch Energy

We are currently working on the B2B model but will soon expand to the B2C model inorder to enter the non-industrial and residential environments where there is an equal potential to conserve energy.


Sketch Energy is a one step solution to cater the pressing need of conserving energy in the industrial environment.
  • Energy Dashboard - Our Dashboard solitarily effects your business visualisation.
  • Up-to-the-minute updates - We sketch your energy consumption in real time
  • Data @ the speed of Light - Our proficiency in Data Organisation enables us to sketch data for you @ lightening speed.
  • Customisable - Our solution is customisable to feasible and realistic end-user requirements.
  • Data Mining and Warehousing - We archive your consumptions on-the-go to help your analysts and data scientists assess effectively.
  • User Friendly - We have designed the User Interface from the user's perspective, inorder to Maximise the ease of use.
  • Cross-platform Consistency - Our application shares a consistent User interface on all suported platforms for User convenience.