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Virtualization is the key technology which is being seriously considered by each and every organization. The cost of running a servers and then cost of cooling because of heat dissipation is already increasing day by day. Given the processing capabilities of current intel / Risc servers organizations are finding it absolutely convenient to consolidate multiple server applications on to a single Physical server.
The technology has matured to such an extent that even the smaller organizations are planning to exploit the benefits of the Virtualized Computing. Apart from providing the implied benefits of power and air conditioning saving, UPS size, Battery backup, cost of UPS battery etc., the virtualization also provides excellent High availability and disaster recovery features.

We help you plan for a dynamic and flexible server infrastructure with a structured approach that takes into account your current and future requirements .The designed architecture and strategies prepare you to meet changing business demands. With our proven skills and resources, we can help you smoothly sail through the virtualization migrations and implementations.

We, provide end to end virtualization solutions based on the best available hypervisors and OSes like VMware, XenServer, IBM AIX, Windows 2008 and Redhat combined with the strength and power of excellent blades and rack servers from IBM.